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Siberia SIBERIA In the Eyes of Russian Photographers
2013, 240 pages

SIBERIA looks at how Russians have photographed their still-untamed east and brings unknown photographs to public awareness in the west. Spanning 150 years, the book draws on Russian literature and history to provide context for the photographs. Personal accounts by photographers bring readers close to the complex geographies that make up Siberia. A section comparing Siberian photography with photographs of the American west heightens the enigma of photography itself.
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SERGEY MAXIMISHIN Oymyakon, 2007 AUGUST KAROVICH GOFMAN, Yakuts, from the album Irkutsk and Vicinity, 1865-68 VLADIMIR SEMIN Chukchi whale hunt, Inchoun, Chukotka, 1989
SERGEY MAXIMISHIN Indigirka River, Sakha Republic, Yakutia, 2010 ANASTASIA RUDENKO Krasnoyarsk, November 2010 ALEXANDER GRONSKY Lena River, near Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, October 2007
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