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Siberia Propaganda & Dreams Photographing the 1930s in the USSR and the US
1999, 240 pages

The 1930s were intense years in the Soviet Union and in the United States. America was attempting to rediscover its better self in the wake of an economic depression, in part by sending out photographers to depict pride in the face of hardship. The images from FDR’s Farm Security Administration (FSA) became America’s collective memory of the decade. At the same time the Soviet Union used photography to foster utopian hopes for prosperity and power. Their work was called Socialist Realism. Photographers invested imagination and enormous effort in their photography in both countries. Propaganda & Dreams looks at the photographs they left us—how they are similar and different from each other, and how their meanings have changed over time.

Photo by ARKADY SHAIKHET, USSR 1927 - Photo by DOROTHEA LANGE, USA 1936 Photo by A. UZLYAN, USSR 1939 - Photo by JACK DELANO, USA, 1940 Photo by ARKADY SHISHKIN, USSR 1931 - Photo by DOROTHEA LANGE, USA 1933 Photo by GEORGY PETRUSOV, USSR 1934 - Photo by UNKNOWN, USA 1936 Photo by UNKNOWN, USSR 1932 - Photo by RUSSELL LEE, USA 1937 Photo by UNKNOWN, USSR 1938 - Photo by RUSSELL LEE, USA 1938
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