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Facing Chage: Documenting America
2015, 252 pages

Facing Change: Documenting America tells the story of a unique photography collective that began to form on Inauguration Day, 2009, when several photographers, euphoric at the prospect of an Obama presidency, decided to work together to document America at a transformative time. They were inspired by the Farm Security Administration photographs of the 1930s. That inspiration is now being reciprocated: The photographs I selected for the book will reside alongside the FSA photographs in the Library of Congress. Though we live at a different time in a different world from that of the New Deal’s FSA there is a deeply held belief in the power of photography that brings the photographers from the two different eras together.
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Pine Ridge, South Dakota             Katrina, 2005             Democratic Nat Convention, 2012
Little Haiti, Miami, 2013 Practice for funeral, Iraq War Market Street, San Francisco
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